Walmart has already unveiled the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 7, but it hasn’t unveiled the new iPhone 5S.

A new rumor suggests that Walmart will release the iPhone X on September 23rd, just two days before Thanksgiving. 

The rumor comes from a tweet from a Twitter user named “Gawker,” who claimed to have seen a “confirmed” image of the iPhone 10.

The image showed a new iPhone with the latest specs, including a 12.7-inch display, 5MP camera, 4K resolution, and a fingerprint sensor. 

This image comes from the Twitter user, and has been shared on several other social media sites.

The rumor has been circulating for months now, but Walmart has been mum about the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. If the rumor is true, then the new Apple iPhone could be announced at the end of September, at the beginning of October, or later.

This will be the second time Walmart has announced an iPhone launch, after the company announced the iPhone SE in November 2017.

The company also announced a new “special” Apple TV that was announced at CES 2018, but no other details about the new TV have been shared.

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