The internet is buzzing with rumours that Apple is about to unveil a new streaming TV product.

A new patent shows that the Apple TV is set to come to market with a streaming antenna and an iOS device that can control it.

The patent application for a new wireless device has been filed by Apple in the US.

“This wireless antenna is capable of being mounted on a wireless device that is attached to the wireless antenna, such as a television,” the patent says.

It continues: “The antenna is configured to receive and transmit data to and from the wireless device, such that when the wireless devices wireless antenna receives and transmits data, it is configured so that when it receives and sends data, the wireless receiver is configured, and the wireless transmitter is configured in such a manner that when a user of the wireless TV, device, or device connected to the wired antenna receives a user notification, the user of that wireless device or device is able to use the wireless technology in the wireless television to control the wireless signal.”

Apple is yet to make any announcements about the new device, but it’s likely that it will be a more affordable alternative to the $399 Apple TV.

We’ll have more on Apple TV as we know it.

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