Posted September 28, 2018 07:00:50The red-eyed, white-haired and balding person at the top of this list looks exactly like your dad.

And the two people in the middle of it all are also red-headed, white haired and bald.

This is how you would call a cellphone’s red-eye repeater.

In this video, the Red Eye is a red phone that’s set to a specific time of day and then you have a timer for when you have to take it out of the box.

You also have the ability to customize the time of the redeye by adjusting the brightness and the distance of the phone to the sun.

You can also turn on the red eye by hitting the “R” button.

It looks like a red button on a phone, and is only activated when the red phone is being used in a specific way.

The video below is the same exact thing, except the red button is on the side of the device, not the bottom.

More red phone stories:This red phone can give you the sunrises sunset repeat effect, which is like the red eyes and white hairdos that we all love to have.

It’s a cool feature, but is also super annoying if you have no red-eyes and no white-hair.

You’ll want to wear sunglasses or use an eye mask.

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