Which repeater should I buy?

REFERENCE: https://forum.technet.microsoft.com/t/264036/Replace-and-Rebuild-receiver-for-Your-Receiver-by-a-Custom-Maker/82389 article RTE TITLE: “Why I recommend xtra-replay” article REVIEWER: Daniel Lydon FEATURES: In this article, I’ll explain what’s going on with the new “Extras” section in Xtreme Replay.You can use the following settings to tweak the game: — Advanced — — Speed — — Customizable — ————- Reverb Settings ————– — Sound — ———— Replay Mode — ———– […]

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How to use a repeating arms or extender to improve your Minecraft game

In this episode, I will show you how to add a repeating arm or extenders to your Minecraft games.We will be building a small Minecraft world and we are going to use the repeating arms.You will find all the instructions and code below.This tutorial is for Windows.I suggest you follow along with the steps.The instructions are for Mac, Linux and […]

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