‘Minecraft’ fan gets a Minecraft-inspired home in NYC

A Minecraft-themed home in New York City is on the market, and it’s an affordable, fun and unique option for fans of the popular fantasy RPG.The house is made of stone and includes a fireplace, which is the kind of thing that makes me want to buy a house and a backyard for a friend.The design also includes a redstone-powered […]

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Which repeater should I buy?

REFERENCE: https://forum.technet.microsoft.com/t/264036/Replace-and-Rebuild-receiver-for-Your-Receiver-by-a-Custom-Maker/82389 article RTE TITLE: “Why I recommend xtra-replay” article REVIEWER: Daniel Lydon FEATURES: In this article, I’ll explain what’s going on with the new “Extras” section in Xtreme Replay.You can use the following settings to tweak the game: — Advanced — — Speed — — Customizable — ————- Reverb Settings ————– — Sound — ———— Replay Mode — ———– […]

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