What’s the best YouTube playlist for kids?

The following playlist is part of the Spotify video series “Google’s Latest Video Playlist.”If you enjoy the video series, you might also enjoy “Google Play Music” or “Google Video.”The playlist below is a curated list of Google videos that feature songs from Google Music and YouTube.This playlist is not necessarily all of Google’s YouTube videos, but a selection of the […]

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When will Walmart be outfitted with the iPhone 5s?

Walmart has already unveiled the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 7, but it hasn’t unveiled the new iPhone 5S.A new rumor suggests that Walmart will release the iPhone X on September 23rd, just two days before Thanksgiving. The rumor comes from a tweet from a Twitter user named “Gawker,” who claimed to have seen a “confirmed” image of the iPhone 10.The […]

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How to make a real-time repeater for your phone, tablet or laptop

I recently wrote about the best way to use the Verizon repeater and the latest Verizon updates, and one of the features I noticed was how it would automatically mute your phone call if you tried to make calls on your device.This would make it so that you could only make calls from your phone and your phone was silent.This […]

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