How to make ham radio repeater antennas

I’ve always been fascinated by the antennas that come with Ham Radio repeaters.There’s a lot of good information out there on the subject, but I just couldn’t find any useful information on them.That’s why I decided to write this article.I’m hoping that you’ll find it useful as well.There are lots of good and useful articles on the topic on the […]

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How the West’s ‘unacceptable’ ban on military radios works

When the West imposed its “unacceptable” ban on all military radios in 2011, it came with a warning: If you have one, don’t use it.The West has imposed the ban since 2010.The Israeli army has taken to jamming military radios.This week, a Palestinian soldier shot dead a Palestinian police officer during a raid in the West Bank, sparking protests and […]

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