RTE has launched the app “Sight Shoot”, allowing users to watch live video of a specific view in an event, like a shooting.

In the event that the app has been turned on, users can select a view from their mobile device’s camera roll, choose a date and time and watch live.

This is in line with what’s being offered in the company’s other apps.

It is currently available to download on Android, iOS and Blackberry smartphones, and for the first time on Apple TV devices.

It also comes with the ability to edit and re-create a shot in the app.

Users can also view a live video from the app and have it displayed on their screen for up to 10 seconds.

Users will be able to record video clips from up to 12 views in the event they are unable to view a video.

A feature called “Snapshot” lets users share the video on social media, with the option to post the video with caption or link it to a news article.

Another new feature, “Share”, allows users to create a social video, embed it on their website, or share it on other social media platforms.

The app also allows users who have a smartphone to set up a camera in the home and watch the video at home.RTE said the app is designed to allow people to be “live in a way that is engaging, challenging and creative”.

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