NCIS has been canceled.

The show’s creator and star, Shonda Rhimes, has decided to go back to television and focus on writing and producing her latest show, Charlotte, the CW announced Monday.

Rhimes has been with the network since 2014 and is widely seen as the brains behind the show.

Charlotte is set in the same fictional universe as the series of novels The Oryx and Crake, which centers on the Oryxes.

The series was originally a five-season series that premiered in 2017.

The CW has announced the cancellation of Charlotte and will be developing another NCIS spinoff.

“We are excited to announce the cancellation and the spinoff is currently in development at CBS Television Studios in Los Angeles,” said Jennifer Salke, senior vice president of programming.

“Charlotte will be returning to CBS in the summer, and we look forward to bringing it to a new audience.

It will be interesting to see what the spinoffs will bring to the network’s programming and the audience.”

The show will be written by Shonda Salke and directed by Robert De Niro.

It is being produced by Sony Pictures Television and Warner Bros. Television.

It was originally supposed to premiere in 2019, but the pilot aired in 2020 and was later dropped, CBS announced.

Rhim and the writers are currently working on Charlotte.

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