Microsoft on Tuesday said it would start offering new emoji that can repeat.

The feature will be available to Windows 10 PCs and tablets starting next month.

The company’s new Windows emoji will include “love” and “sadness,” for example, and Microsoft says the new emoji “will help users understand what the emoji mean.”

The new emoji will also be able to show “love,” “saddness,” and “wonder,” which is similar to the way Google’s emoji are used in its Android software.

Google has used emoji to describe things like animals, plants, and people, and it’s also widely used on mobile platforms.

Microsoft is not the first company to offer emoji support for its Windows 10 mobile operating system.

Apple, which is based in Cupertino, Calif., has also made emoji available for its mobile operating systems.

Microsoft has not yet confirmed that it will add emoji support to its Android devices.

But Apple recently released a beta version of its mobile OS, iOS 7, with emoji support.

Microsoft’s new Microsoft emoji will be a big step forward for emoji, a platform that has been criticized for being too restrictive.

But Microsoft’s emoji will not be the first time the company has added emoji support, nor will it be the last.

The company has previously offered emoji support in Microsoft Outlook,, and Office 365.

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