People are notorious for repeating sentences that they already know they’re repeating, and it’s hard to stop.

The problem is, these repeated words are almost impossible to avoid.

Engadgets’ Alexey V. Sokolov and James R. G. Lacey found that most people repeat sentences that aren’t technically wrong, but just make the language seem more formal.

For example, “This is my house.” sounds wrong, because it’s not technically correct.

So how do we stop repeating this sentence?

There are two possible ways: Don’t repeat the sentence at all.

If you’re trying to keep your sentence short and easy to understand, repeat it as often as possible.

Or, try to get it right by adding new words to the end of your sentence.

You could also try to find new ways to spell things like “the” or “my” to make the sentence sound more formal and more like a formal sentence.

Either way, it can be hard to avoid repeating your own sentences.

The good news is that most of us don’t have to be a perfectionist to use these techniques to make our sentences sound more professional and less like they’re just made up words.

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