When I was a kid, I used to call my mom and tell her to take the kids to school.

I was like, “Hey mom, can you find me some more repeaters?”

But my mom was like: “No, no, you gotta find something else.”

I didn’t have a TV, so I just used my phone to talk to other kids.

I’ve always been an old-school kid.

But my phone has a lot of stuff to do with the internet, and I use my phone all the time.

I don’t have the bandwidth to do a whole lot of reading or listening, so that’s when I’m searching for something else.

So, I would look at the news and stuff like that.

I would try and find a little bit of something that I could use, and then I would go back and try and make my own.

I remember watching a lot on YouTube, and people were doing things like that, where they were just like, “[expletive]ing up.”

I remember being like, Wow, it looks so cool.

And I would just go back to YouTube, play it, and see how people were using it.

Like, it’s cool, it has tons of little things that I can do.

And then, I’d go back, and start watching and then get a little more creative with my own stuff.

And so, that’s how I started to do that.

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