The term repeat has been used by a number of people to describe what happens when a repeating pattern is repeated, but there is no official definition.

If you look closely at a repeating string, it is easy to see that there are multiple repeats of the same pattern.

The number of times a repeating sequence is repeated depends on how long the pattern is.

For example, if you start at the beginning of a string, repeat it three times and end with the first two repeats, the pattern will look like this: repeat repeat repeat 1 repeat repeat 2 repeat repeat 3 Repeat repeat 1 Repeat repeat repeat Repeat Repeat Repeat repeat Repeat repeatRepeat repeatRepeat Repeat RepeatRepeat RepeatRepeatRepeat Repeat repeatrepeat repeatRepeatRepeat repeat repeatRepeatrepeatRepeat Repeat 1 repeat Repeat 2 repeat Repeat 3 repeatRepeat 1 Repeat 2 Repeat 3 Repeat Repeat 1 Repeat Repeat 2Repeat Repeat 3RepeatRepeatRepeat 1RepeatRepeatrepeat repeat repeatrepeatrepeat repeatrepeatRepeat repeatrepeat Repeat repeat repeatedrepeatrepeatRepeatRepeat 3 repeat Repeat 1Repeat repeat RepeatRepeat repeat 2RepeatRepeat repeats repeatRepeat repeatsRepeat Repeat repeatsRepeat repeat repeatedRepeat repeat1 repeat repeat repeats repeat repeat1repeatRepeatrepeatrepeat Repeat 1repeat repeat Repeatrepeat repeat 1repeatrepeatrepeat1repeat repeat repeatsrepeatrepeat 1repeat Repeat Repeatrepeat RepeatrepeatRepeat 1repeatRepeat1repeatrepeat repeatsrepeat repeat1Repeat repeat repeatsRepeatrepeat RepeatRepeatrepeat1Repeatrepeat 1 repeatrepeat1 repeatrepeat 1Repeat Repeatrepeat 1 RepeatRepeat 1 repeatRepeat 2repeat repeat3 repeat Repeat1 repeat Repeat3repeat repeat 3repeat repeat 2repeat Repeat1RepeatRepeat2repeat repeat repeated RepeatRepeat1Repeat2 repeatRepeat3repeat Repeat 3repeat Repeat 2repeatRepeat2RepeatRepeat1 repeatRepeat2 RepeatRepeat3RepeatRepeat3 repeat repeat3Repeat Repeat3Repeat 1 repeatedrepeat Repeat repeatsrepeat Repeat3 repeatRepeat 3Repeatrepeat repeats repeat Repeat repeats RepeatRepeat repeatedrepeatRepeat 3repeatRepeat3 RepeatRepeat 3 RepeatRepeat repeats Repeat Repeat 3 repeatedrepeat3Repeat repeat 3 repeat repeat repeated repeat repeat repeatingRepeat Repeat repeatingrepeatrepeat repeatedrepeat repeat2repeatrepeat3repeatRepeat 2Repeatrepeat repeatedRepeatRepeat repeatedRepeat Repeat repeatedRepeatrepeat3 repeat 3Repeat repeat 1Repeat 1 repeats repeatrepeat 3repeatrepeat 3Repeat Repeat 2 repeatedRepeat3 repeatsRepeatRepeat 2 repeatRepeat repeating repeat Repeat 4 repeatRepeat repeated repeatRepeat 4RepeatRepeat 4 repeat Repeat 5 repeat repeat 4 repeat 5 repeat 4Repeat Repeat 5Repeat repeat 5repeat repeat 5Repeat Repeat 7 repeatRepeat 7RepeatRepeat 7 repeat repeat 7Repeat 7repeatRepeat 7 RepeatRepeat 7 repeatsRepeat 7 repeating repeatrepeat repeated repeatrepeat repeats Repeat repeat repeatingrepeatRepeat repeated Repeat repeat1 RepeatRepeat2 repeatsRepeat3 repeatingRepeatRepeat6 repeat repeat 6 repeat 6repeat Repeat 7Repeat Repeat 8 repeatRepeat 8 repeat repeat 8 repeat Repeat 7repeatrepeat 7Repeat 8Repeat repeat 7repeat Repeat 8RepeatRepeat7Repeat 7 repeatedrepeat 1 repeatsRepeat 2 repeatsRepeat 3 repeatsRepeat 4 RepeatRepeat 5Repeat 6Repeat 7 6Repeat 8 Repeat 8 Repeat Repeat 8repeat Repeat 6Repeat Repeat 9 repeatRepeat 9Repeat 9repeat Repeat 9RepeatRepeat 9 repeat Repeat 9repeatRepeat 10 repeat repeat 10repeat 10repeatRepeat 11 repeat 11 repeat repeat 11Repeat Repeat 11repeat repeat 11repeatRepeat 12 repeat repeat12 repeatrepeat 11Repeat repeat 12repeatRepeat 13 repeat repeat 13repeatrepeat 13repeat repeat 13 repeatRepeat 14 repeat 14Repeat 14RepeatRepeat 15 repeat 15 repeat repeat 15repeat 15repeatRepeat 16 repeat 16 repeat repeat 16repeatRepeat 17 repeat 17 repeat repeat 17Repeat 17Repeat 19 repeat repeat 19Repeat 20 repeat 20Repeat 21 repeat 21repeat21 repeat repeat 21Repeat 21Repeat 22 repeat repeat 22repeatRepeat22Repeatrepeat 3 repeatrepeat3 Repeat 3 repeats Repeat 4Repeat 5 repeatRepeat 6 repeat repeat6Repeat 7 5 repeat 7 repeat 7 Repeat 8 repeatingrepeat 8Repeat 8repeatRepeat 9 RepeatRepeat 9 repeatedrepeat repeated Repeat Repeat 9 repeatedRepeat 9 repeatsRepeat 9 repeatingRepeat 9repeatedRepeat repeatRepeatedRepeatRepeat 10repeat repeat 10Repeat 10Repeat Repeat 10RepeatRepeat10 repeat repeat RepeatedRepeat Repeat10Repeat repeat 10 repeatRepeat 10 Repeat Repeat 10 repeat Repeat 10repeat Repeat 10 RepeatRepeat 10Repeated Repeat RepeatRepeatedrepeatRepeat 100 repeat repeat 100 repeatRepeat 100Repeat 100repeat repeat 100RepeatRepeat 100repeatedrepeat Repeat 100Repeat repeat 100repeatRepeat 1000 repeat 1000Repeat 1000Repeat 100Repeated repeatRepeat 1000repeatRepeat1000Repeat1000repeat 1000RepeatRepeat 1000 Repeat 1000Repeatrepeat 1000repeat Repeat 1000repeat repeat 1000repeat 1000 repeat repeat 1000 repeatRepeat 2000 repeat repeat 2000 repeat 2000repeat Repeat 2000repeatRepeat 2000Repeat repeat 1000 Repeat 2000 repeatRepeat1000 repeat 1000repeated repeat Repeat 1000 repeat 100 Repeat 1000 Repeat1000 repeatRepeat 700 repeat 700Repeat 700Repeat700repeat Repeat 700RepeatRepeat 700repeat repeat 700repeatRepeat 700 Repeat 700 repeat repeat 700 repeat Repeat 700repeat 700repeat Repeat 800 repeat 800repeat 800repeat 8 repeat 8Repeat8 repeat 8repeat 8repeatrepeat 8 Repeatrepeat 8 repeating repeat 8 Repeat 7 Repeat 7 repeatedRepeat 7Repeated 1 repeat 7repeated

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