Today marks the first time in history that the first-ever GPS-tracked rifle has been sold.

The new gun, named the First Repeaters Rifle, is a GPS-enabled rifle, a first for a firearm.

This means it can track a user’s position, and then instantly fire on them with a second rifle.

A GPS device can track an individual’s position with a few seconds, or hours, of data.

The rifle is powered by a GPS chip that can track up to four users simultaneously.

The First Repeats Rifle is powered entirely by batteries, but the GPS chip also works with other smartphones to help the user locate their position in the field.

It also can send commands to the receiver to fire automatically.

This is the first GPS-based rifle, and the first to have a GPS receiver, which will help users track their position with the rifle in the future.

The gun can track your location and fire instantly if you need it to.

This first GPS rifle is an incredible achievement for the company.

The company is developing new technologies to help users improve their shooting skills and save time in the fields.

The Second and Third Repeaters rifles were first announced last year, and this first gun is a prototype of the technology.

In the past, it was possible to buy a GPS rifle for $1,000.

This new gun is the company’s attempt to offer the same technology at less than that price.

The price will be $400, and it will come with a GPS transmitter.

The receivers are also a part of the new product.

The receiver is designed to work with a number of different devices, including phones, tablets, laptops, and more.

It will also allow users to control their guns remotely from a smartphone.

The guns will work with the Second and Second Repeaters rifle.

The shooters are expected to get their first guns within the next year, which means they will have access to this new technology within a year or two.

The Newest GPS Gun Is Coming Soon In addition to the First and Second rifles, the company is also working on a third GPS gun.

The rifles will come as part of a second batch of First Repeatters rifles, which include a GPS gun that can fire and track up 10 users simultaneously, and another gun that fires for 10 seconds.

The third gun will also have an external battery pack that can charge a battery pack for use in an on-the-go gun.

It’s unclear when the new guns will come out, but they will be coming out this fall.

This announcement is the culmination of months of development and testing.

In November, First Repeated Arms made the announcement that they had shipped a prototype.

The next step is to deliver a final product, which the company hopes will be ready for retail sometime in 2018.

The product is expected to be a smartphone-compatible device, and a GPS tracker is already in the works.

This will allow users of the Second Repeater rifle to control the rifle remotely, and those using the First-ever rifle will have the ability to see where their gun is in the world.

The ability to track the location of the gun will allow people to be more efficient in their daily activities.

The technology is a great addition to our society.

It is great that we can control where we go to and from.

It gives us an edge when it comes to finding new ways to save money and time in our daily lives.

It allows us to save on groceries, rent, rent cars, and so on.

The GPS tracker will also help users find their friends in the store.

If the Second-repeater rifle is successful, it could be used by the military to locate potential enemy forces.

If a GPS tracking device can be found, it will allow those tracking the rifle to target them with their rifle.

This could give them an edge in the battle against ISIS.

The first-of-its-kind GPS gun is an amazing advancement in the gun market.

The Next Big Industries is a company that is pioneering a number, including GPS, autonomous cars, wearable technology, and artificial intelligence.

The software behind the technology is also revolutionary.

The team behind Next Big Industry is already working on an AR Drone, which is a fully-autonomous drone.

If this new gun comes out, it would be the first of its kind in the market, and an incredible innovation for the future of warfare.

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